You want to believe there is more to this life

Your feet hold so many clues to unravelling aches, strain and reduced movement

What if every step you took added more strain to your body?
Your body adapts around your previous injury, habits and emotions. When you have unresolved strain or aches and injuries that appear without cause, it is time to look deeper and find the root cause.
Starting at your feet, you can learn how your body has adjusted or compensated over time

How can I help you?

I work to help identify the root cause and give you information , treatment and guidance to change your movement habits to resolve muscle strain, joint pain, internal organ and lymphatic, circulatory and neurological system dysfunction.
I work with you to create a physical environment that supports your healing process and elevates your health to prevent future strain

How to work with me

Many of my clients work online with me from across the globe.
I have a base in North Yorkshire and London should you wish to see me in person.

It is always advisable to start with a video call so we can discuss how to achieve the best outcome for you