Have you reached true success yet...

Do you know where to start?

Are you living your life exactly as you imagined? You know deep down that you live with stress and tensions that affect how you think, feel, move and breathe. My Enlightened Success Method simplifies what feels complex and unachievable.
In just 12 weeks you will feel able to lead yourself and others to create, inspire and imagine a completely new way of living 

If you are experiencing heightened emotions, stress or tension, health concerns, negative thoughts or feeling unfulfilled, I can help you

I work with CEO's, Business Owners, Celebrities, Doctors, Bankers, Lawyers and your family members. 

You may have already worked with other professionals

But how I work is unique

Every thought, emotion, injury or habit is carried in your body and creates subtle patterns and change how you move, breathe, sleep make decisions and think about yourself and others

These patterns were created to protect you at the time 

Do you:

  • feel stressed or over react to emotional events
  • have trouble sleeping or feeling rested when you wake up
  • feel tension in your body or recurrent strain & injury
  • find yourself drawn to negative thoughts 
  • feel overwhelmed or out of control

Working with your body holds the elusive key to lasting personal transformation

Often you seek answers and individual solutions for your concerns but your body holds a much larger memory of what happened and there may be others areas that need to let go to enable full recovery

The reality is that much of what you experience is connected and the symptoms you are having may be concealing the true cause

I look beyond the symptoms and provide powerful guidance & treatments to recover who you really are, behind these limitations

Opening you to new possibilities and higher living

Offering solutions that are tailored to you

I help you...

Through seeing the imperceptible shifts that your mind and body need to feel freedom, clarity and ease.

I sift through the events of your life, looking for subtle connections that are holding you in patterns that keep you from progressing in your life or work

Instead of feeling stuck, stressed and frustrated, I can move you into clarity, action and positive energy

Discover ease and feel ageless

Create agency and growth to develop personally & professionally

My clients

Evolve to become more self aware, solve difficult or complex health issues, become powerful in self management and governing others, feel deeply connected and create better environments for those around them

They lead from within, create impact and feel true success

How to work with me

I work exclusively in Yorkshire at Bowcliffe Hall, LS23 6LP and worldwide by prior arrangement.

I accept clients for my Enlightened Success Method by application. 

Please book a call to discuss your goals

I look forward to meeting with you

'I just wish I had met her several years ago...'

Meeting Nicole has been an absolute blessing! The power of her ability to diagnose my issues, even online, and pinpoint the impact from injuries I had over 20 years was incredible. I am back at the gym and able to move around more freely than I have in years. I am so grateful for Nicole. Her deep knowledge of the human body and holistic approach to bringing back vitality is powerful.'
S. MacGregor, Property Investor

"True Success is measured not through financial wealth or achievements, it is the ability to enjoy what you have created in this life''

Nicole Brûlé-Walker, The Body Alchemist

Exclusively in Yorkshire at:

Bowcliffe Hall
The West Wing, Office 55
Bramham, Wetherby
West Yorkshire
LS23 6LP

+44 7887581364