Create impact through precision health

With a busy and high pressured lifestyle, it is easy to miss the subtle signs that warn you of ill health or injury. You don't see the blind spots you create through fear that alter your behaviour, habits relationships or decisions. 

Before you know it, everything feels like it is so heavy and hard to make positive change.

I find simplicity in what feels complex.

My work is unlike anything you have experienced before.

Peel back the layers of restriction in your mind and body to create the life
 you want to lead.

You may have worked with other professionals separately on your concerns

But I help you see the vital connections in your body & mind that give you clarity and resolution.

Do you:

  • feel on the edge of burnout

  • wake frequently or have problems sleeping

  • struggle with recurrent injury or illness

  • feel stuck in a negative pattern of thought

  • find yourself lacking direction through ill health, divorce, bereavement or business exit

Every thought, emotion, injury or habit is carried in your body and will create subtle patterns and changes in how you move, breathe, sleep, make decisions and think about yourself or others.

My work goes deeper to discover the root cause and creating a solution that fits seamlessly into your daily living. Even the smallest detail is important.

I blend cutting edge neuroscience, epigenetics, mindfulness, mindful leadership techniques, movement, breathwork and bodywork coupled with a deep understanding of the human body and mind connection. I map a clear pathway for you to live better, for longer and feel more fulfilled.

An important part of my work with you involves instilling a healthy stress response so that the tensions of modern living do not undermine who you are.

Your plan will adapt with you as you evolve. 

We start by looking in depth at your current complaints, past events and stresses and how we can move you into a flow state with greater health and wellbeing.

Work with me 1-1 on your bespoke plan for a minimum of 8 weeks up to 6 months to create the life you want to lead.
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Invest in your future

My clients

Are high achieving, successful people who are changing direction in life, sport or business

Want to enhance your health & personal development through innovative wellbeing

Seek tailored integrative solutions that are sustainable

Want to experience leading edge holistic care

'I just wish I had met her several years ago...'

Meeting Nicole has been an absolute blessing! The power of her ability to diagnose my issues, even online, and pinpoint the impact from injuries I had over 20 years was incredible. I am back at the gym and able to move around more freely than I have in years. I am so grateful for Nicole. Her deep knowledge of the human body and holistic approach to bringing back vitality is powerful.'

S. MacGregor, Property Investor

Work with me

I work in Yarm, North Yorkshire, UK, online and on retainer for my VIP clients.

Please book a call to discuss what you need.

"Believe that success comes from thinking and feeling at your best''

Nicole Brûlé-Walker, Sequoia Wellbeing

Visit me in Yorkshire at:

Mill House
Mill Wynd
North Yorkshire
TS15 9AE
just off 16 Yarm High Street

+44 7887581364