Alchemise your success

My Innate Life Force Method™️  blends the best & most intuitive healing and personal development tools available to  you.

We take a thorough approach in your body from the ground up. In looking at how you move, how it makes you feel and the quality of your movements I can identify simple changes that will protect your health, build resilient thinking and create pathways for aligned thoughts.

I can see how your emotions and thoughts manifest in your body and work with you to release patterns that limit your true potential.

Shed physical restriction and dulled energy, build harmonious relationships and strengthen your connection to yourself.

You already have everything you need

I help shine a light on how to access it


Welcome to my Signature body of work, Enlightened Success
A truly unique approach to Executive Wellness & Personal Development.
The missing link to transformative change lies in working through your body. It holds all the clues to unlock strain & limitations that stand in the way of your individual brilliance

It comprises our first four weeks working together and begins with an in depth look at how you move, breathe, think and feel. We uncover the root cause and vital connections that enable you to live and work at your highest potential

At the end of the four weeks many of my clients feel empowered and possess the self awareness to continue making leaps in their personal evolution through tools and intentions taken from the initial phase
Some choose to continue working with me for accountability and additional treatment
The choice is yours to make

Working with me

Every session is bespoke and delivered at the frequency that allows you to expand into your highest and best self.

You will develop a deepening connection with yourself which guides you to making life and business decisions that feel aligned with your core values.

The Innate Life Force Method™️ may include:

  • Embodied Movement Scan 
  • Breath Work
  • Nervous System Reset
  • Intuitive Medicine
  • Frequency Rebalancing
  • Energy Alignment
  • Cognitive Coherence
  •  Natural Success