Extraordinary Teams

It isn't enough to simply pay lip service to wellbeing in the workplace when excellence is your mission.

Times are ever changing and at Sequoia Wellbeing, we provide an agile and innovative model for you to bring meaningful wellbeing and personal development to your whole team.

We support you through tailored and measured programs that are built to suit your organisation.

We combine physical, emotional
 and mental wellbeing with self development to make sure 
everyone thrives.

Our Mission

We want the people behind your business  to have all the tools they need to thrive both personally and professionally so that they bring inspiration and passion to the organisation.

Physical Wellbeing is what sets us apart. We provide expert advice and treatment to minimise time away from work and promote a fuller recovery for better quality of living.

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing is key to building a team that feels valued and works together better. Managing stress levels and dealing with conflict effectively builds resilience and stronger bonds.

Each person will come into the organisation with values and experiences that are unique. We help build greater tolerance & inclusivity so your team understands the best way to motivate and support one another.

Want to know more?

Currently the NHS backlog is creating restrictions in the workforce that don't help businesses like yours or the people behind it. Currently 40% of the workforce must modify how they work due to physical injury and 15% are off work completely due to mental health concerns. We want to help support every person in your organisation to be extraordinary.

How can we help you?

Our solutions are created bespoke for your organisation, in consultation with the Senior Management team and Senior Partners to develop within the mission and values you hold.