Alchemise your true success

My Enlightened Success Method  blends the best & most intuitive personal development tools available to you.

First you create powerful self awareness

Developing heightened senses around your internal self

You move every day, but how do you feel when you move...

Is it full of energy and ease?

Or heavy and restricted?

What does that mean to your mind, in your joints, muscles organs and nervous system

How do they reflect back you in terms of health, energy and creative intelligence?

I observe the subtle blocks that disconnect you from truly living

How you feel impacts on how you move, breathe, think and feel

When you feel restricted it impacts on the decisions you make, the relationships you hold, what you think of yourself

When you are free of these unseen limitations

You feel what true success really feels like

You already have everything you need

I help you shine a light on how to access it


What is the Enlightened Success Method?

It provides a framework and intentions that are designed with you in mind. We strip back the layers of limitations that you have learned over time to reveal your inner strength, resilience, creativity, calm, ease and self awareness.
When you have self awareness, you can self govern more effectively.
When you can lead yourself, you become a better leader, partner, parent and friend to others.

At the end of the twelve weeks many of my clients feel empowered and possess the self awareness to continue making leaps in their personal evolution through tools and intentions taken from the initial phase

A truly unique approach to Executive Wellness & Personal Development.
The missing link to transformative change lies in working through your body
It holds all the clues to unlock strain & limitations that stand in the way of your individual brilliance

You create an awareness of yourself, how you interact with others and step out of old patterns that hold you back. We uncover the root cause and vital connections that enable you to live and work at your highest potential

By application only
Please book a call initially to discuss your requirements


'Nicole is absolutely amazing. Her expertise is mind blowing. She is attentive to small details and can see what no one else does.
She looks at the body in very holistic way to get to the root cause of imbalance, stress and injury.
I can already feel that I am in more control of my emotions, less stressed and I feel much happier."

I have a passion for helping you to exceed your dreams. I know that at times, feel that you reach a threshold that seems impossible to cross.
It is at that point where personal growth is essential and to cultivate a curiosity for expansion.
I help you remove the barriers to experiencing true success, and go beyond what you think is possible for you right now

Working with me

Every session is bespoke and delivered at the frequency that enables you to expand into your highest and best self.

You will develop a deepening connection with yourself which will guide you to making life and business decisions that feel aligned with your core values.

My Enlightened Success Method™️ may include:

  • Embodied Movement Scan 
  • Breath Work
  • Nervous System Reset
  • Intuitive Medicine
  • Frequency Rebalancing
  • Energy Alignment
  • Cognitive Coherence
  •  Natural Success
  • Clinical Massage & Bodywork

The only thing standing in your way, is you