How do I know I need this work?
If you have tried other coaching or treatments and feel that your journey is incomplete. Often this is because the treatment revolved around the symptoms rather than the root cause. The Innate Life Force Method™️ gives you unique information, tools and treatments that create true balance in your body, mind and spirit so that you can achieve sublime wellbeing and personal development.

How do I work with you?
To provide you with care that transcends world timezones, my expertise is available to you both remotely and in person.
In addition to our time together in sessions, you will be supported by private messaging and access to a personal video library.

What happens in a session?
Every session is completely unique. As we work through the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual systems you may experience gentle movement, breath work, energy work and meditative practices.

My Innate Life Force Method™️ gives you a detailed approach to finding the root cause of your current concerns. I look for connections within the four systems to find the simplest path for you to shed limitations and tap into your truest self.

For example, resolving physical restrictions even on a minute level can radically change the inner workings of your internal organs, promote better stability in emotions and coping with stress.
We make small but profound changes that are the catalyst for life changing transformation.

How should I choose what Program is right for me?
My Method comprises all of the work you see listed here on my website. Often you will feel called to start in a particular way. I aim to meet you where you are now and expand the possibilities available to you personally and professionally.

What concerns can you help with?
I work with the four systems of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual in the measure of what you need. it might be that you are struggling with unresolved aches or pain, sleep disturbances, emotional or physical trauma.

It may be that you need a safe environment to voice your fears and concerns around your business.

It could simply be that you do not feel 100% well and not sure how to get started with improving your health & wellbeing. I work to help you feel more connected to your own body so that you can prevent future injury or illness and optimise your health.
Having balance in your physical body allows for exponential leaps in your whole being. Often we discount how we feel in our bodies because of previous history, stress or age.

How is the Innate Life Force Method™️ different?
It blends the most profound techniques gained over 25 years of working with the human body and learning from the world's best experts in anatomy & physiology, movement, breath work, energy work, cognitive behaviour , intuitive medicine, bodywork and spiritual practices.
It enables you to make lasting transformative change to create the life and business that you strive for.

How long will I need to work with you?
Most of my clients start with one to three months intensively. This can be decided on the initial call when you discuss with me your concerns and aspirations. Inner work is progressive and profound but the results are liberating.
Each session will be adapted around what you need at the time. I may also refer to other experts to provide you with the bespoke support to help your whole being.