How do I know I need this work?
If you have tried other coaching or treatments and feel that your journey is incomplete. Working in the body allows change to occur on a cellular level instead of solely cognitive.

Is this work covered by insurance?
My work blends many different therapeutic dimensions for a unique approach. It is typically paid for privately. Please check with your individual insurance provider.

What happens in a session?
Every session is tailored to suit your individual needs. All treatment carried out will be discussed to ensure you have a full understanding of both the process and desired outcome.

How many sessions do I need?
The initial assessment is 90-120 min in length. I typically discuss timeframes at the end of this initial session so that all aspects of your history and goals can be considered thoroughly

What concerns can you help with?
Most clients come to me with physical concerns that are unresolved through other forms of treatment. I provide clear answers to 'why' you are feeling the way you do and a framework to resolve your concerns.
What is missing in many practices is the holistic understanding of how the emotional and intellectual systems can better support you to physical ease and improved health. I bridge medical intelligence and holistic practices to provide you with comprehensive support.

How is the Innate Life Force Method™️ different?
It blends the most profound techniques gained over 25 years of working with the human body and learning from the world's best experts in anatomy & physiology, movement, breath work, energy work, cognitive behaviour, intuitive medicine, bodywork and mindfulness practices.
It sees you as a unique individual and provides opportunities for personal growth.