Embodied Integration Sessions

You want to feel freedom in your body
Able to move without feeling the need to protect or compensate for the areas that are restricted or painful

Reduce tension and stress in your body to release negative emotion and restore calm

Discover how you can unlock years of strain or residual injury to understand your true physical potential and elevated health

Deeply connect with your body to balance emotions, bring clarity of thought and deepen spiritual work for a powerful grounding of your whole being

Beauty of Breath

Your breath sustains you but we rarely use it to its ultimate benefit for our wellbeing and health
Start with knowing where you are now and develop life changing techniques and habits over a series of sessions to both improve and protect your health
Through breath we access consciousness and our intuition
Learn to listen to your inner wisdom for aligned decision making and relationship building.
Develop kindness to yourself with every breath
Learn how to regulate your emotions and become less reactive to triggers

Working with Spirit Doctors

In these unique meditative session, you will be guided to work with the Spirit Doctor team. They are comprised of Physicians, Healers and Shamans who reside on the spirit side. Clear debris from your energetic field and restore your life force in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies This gentle and calming work opens you to profound ancient wisdoms and light energies to bring healing where you need it most.

Looking for something else?

You can also access my work through group sessions that offer deep healing and spiritual grounding through movement & energy work