Body Alchemy Sessions

Do you ever feel that you are held back physically by something you just can’t identify?

It gradually appeared over time with no direct cause

Maybe you have had tests, scans or x rays and nothing shows up

Yet it exists

And you know in the deepest part of your heart and mind that something isn’t typical for you

I see the patterns and habits that your body picks up over time which cause strain, illness or injury when left unchecked

In my Body Alchemy Sessions, you receive a cutting edge assessment, guidance and treatment to both resolve and protect against future strain

I go beyond the physical imbalances to address emotional causes and thought patterns that hold you in a state of decreased energy or mobility

Your body holds all the answers, I help you to decipher what it is telling you

Address the root cause for more efficient resolution of your concerns

Face Alchemy Sessions

Your face is the window to your soul. It expresses your emotions and how you feel in your environment
It shows strong emotions or heightened stress as well as insights into the workings of your internal organs and health

Create deep relaxation while boosting your health
Expertly blended techniques using Chinese meridians and acupressure points, lymphatic drainage and specialist massage to address your individual concerns

Improve circulation, tone and energy flow to your vital organs and promote naturally glowing skin

Soften lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity and tone, experience a deep sense of tranquility when your nervous system comes into a resting tone

Stimulate healing that is more than skin deep

Beauty of Breath Sessions

Your breath sustains you but it is rarely used it to its ultimate benefit for your wellbeing and health

Discover your current habits and develop life changing techniques over a series of sessions to both improve and protect your health

Through breath we access consciousness and our intuition
You can physiologically influence your DNA

Open space to listen to your inner wisdom for aligned decision making and harmonious relationship building

Learn how to regulate your emotions and become less reactive to what triggers you

Breathe in kindness to yourself with every breath & change your self perception

Looking for something else?

You can also access my work through group sessions that offer deep healing and spiritual grounding through movement, breath & energy work,