Signature Sessions & Treatments

Leading with my Signature Sessions and individual treatments, these are an ideal place to experience my unique approach to whole health that works for you.

Precision Health

Using cutting edge genetic information, you can protect your future health and build habits to help you sleep, move and eat better.
A simple saliva test done in the privacy of your own home reveals lifestyle and health markers that show information contained in your genes. It gives you the most precise information to boost your health for transformational wellbeing.
You will receive a comprehensive report with recommendations on Sleep, Inflammation, Burnout potential, predisposition to Cardiac conditions, Diabetes & Dementia, vitamin deficiencies, ideal exercise choices and nutritional insights.

Includes Initial Consultation, DNA test, Comprehensive Report and Personal Plan created by Nicole.

starting from £525

Body Alchemy

Many physical complaints have no obvious cause. They don't show up on x-rays or scans and often are left untreated.
Your body retains every thought, emotion, injury or trauma you have ever experienced. As your body adapts to protect or avoid pain, you create movement habits that were needed at that time.
This unique analysis of your body & mind connection brings a level of transformational change and knowledge that enables you to take charge of your health with confidence.

Understand the 'why' behind the strain and create a clear plan to heal.

Includes Initial Consultation, Comprehensive Movement Assessment, Foot Pro Scan, Personal Programme created by Nicole.

starting from £525

Individual Treatments

Face Alchemy

Your face provides a window to the rest of your body and how it is functioning.
Every line or wrinkle tells a story about your life and health.
This enlightening treatment experience uses lymphatic drainage, massage and acupressure points to boost your inner health and reduce the signs of aging.

Meditation Massage

Using specialised techniques to calm your nervous system and regulate your emotions, this massage works to ease a worried mind and tense body.

Blending massage, meditation, breath and energy work for a holistic approach to reducing stress and promoting greater wellbeing.

Lymphatic Massage

Designed to assist your body to eliminate toxins, swelling and inflammation, this specialised technique is light and soothing.

It can target specific concerns such as digestive issues, improve sleep, relieve headaches, reduce anxiety and improve skin health.

It has an immediate effect on your vitality with benefits that continue working in your body for up to 10 days post treatment.

And finally...

Beauty of Breath

Emotional Health is becoming an essential part of being well. How you think and feel about yourself changes the quality of your breathing.
Blending science and mindfulness, discover the specific techniques to elevate your health and regulate your nervous system.

Targeted Assessment

This focused assessment is perfect for single injuries or concerns that have not been treated by Nicole before.

Targeted Treatment

Designed around your assessment, these targeted sessions are for existing clients to book 30-45 min appointments with Nicole.